The Offical Book Cover of The SheWolf Series 2nd Book Deceived.

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03/03/2015 11:16
03/14/2014 12:06
The book is coming this year but, I just got signed to UniqueTeenBooks, Inc. and they want me to...
12/12/2013 09:23
The SheWolf Series: Deceived Official Release date will be........ January 28th, 2014.
08/15/2013 11:57
Download the app from:
08/13/2013 11:15
A preview of book two is available on amazon and smashwords. The amazon preview is limited because...
07/03/2013 21:57
The SheWolf Series:Bitten e-book is available on kindle. And the paperback version is available on...
06/15/2013 10:47
go to this address: and you will find a free look at book...
04/23/2013 10:01
  Bitten. The first book in the series has just been finished yesterday and the author is...
04/17/2013 12:32
The Official Book Cover of The SheWolf Series 1st Book Bitten.
04/17/2013 11:45
The E-book version of SheWolf might be coming out first you guys.
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