Was a extra in book one but, takes a leading role in 'Deceived' and you know she ghetto but, she keeps it exciting.
He's a new student in school but, he plays a schocking role in the story, and could he know more about Crystal than he says.
Changes for the good of things, becomes more independent, and get her self title in a world she didn't even know was there.
Unaware of the secret till the end, promises to have Crystal back no matter what, and is more chic.


Has a major secret, could he be Crystal 's dad or just a lab experiment went wrong, but, over all he truly cares about Crystal.


Has a major break down, loses touch with life it self, and after it all she starts to take on more of a motherly roll.
Still is very untrustworthy, but will always have Crystals heart, and what is the secret he has almost till the very end.
He shares a secret with Nick, but still is funny, charming, and talented. Also, will he ever forgive Crystal for kissing Nick.
More sassy and gets a special gift from a witch